The enthusiast

Ever since I was just a kid I’ve been dreaming of becoming one of the American basketball stars. My dad used to take me to all the Knicks games, and I was mesmerized each time our favorite team scored. As time passed, I also became a huge fan of baseball, football, and even martial arts. I like watching snooker championships just as much as I enjoy our girls winning medal after medal in gymnastics competitions.


Of course, I took up some sports myself, because I think exercise and taking care of our body is something that we owe to ourselves. Also, team sports give me an impression of shared enthusiasm that I haven’t found anywhere else. During weekends I play center for the neighborhood basketball team, I take judo lessons at the Dojo, and when I have to stay home, I swim and I practice kicking the heavy bag in my garage.

The problem with not having a specific hobby or passion is that it makes you get bored easily of doing the same thing for a long period of time. I’ve been trying many sports over the years, and sometimes I think about resuming some of them, since I still hold on to the special equipment and gear that I bought, and that has become my second interest.

I like reading reviews on different gear items, and I often check out the websites of the big names in the industry of sportswear and other sporting goods manufacturers. I also like to go to garage sales and rummage through piles of old stuff looking for such treasures. I’m not the type of person who thinks only new items are good or usable, but I have to be clear that in some sports, you can’t depend on second-hand gear.

I’ve decided to combine these two interests of mine and start up this blog to talk to you about the different sports I’ve tried and plan to in the near future. Also, I’d like to share my reviews of the pieces of equipment I own or will buy, and maybe even get some feedback from other buyers. I’m sure many of you can relate to the need to talk about what you love, and you will bear with me even if some of the subjects might not interest you directly. Of course, you can intervene whenever you’ll feel like it, and perhaps give me training tips or gear recommendations.

My blog will also have posts on general workout techniques, fitness equipment and, (just as a guilty pleasure), nutrition advice for athletes or those who love power training. I hope I will manage to satisfy your curiosity about sports and sportswear as well as give you useful ideas for your own practice.